RTL Reunion – UNTER UNS with Claudelle Deckert

Michael Dierks with Claudelle Deckert at the RTL „Unter Uns“-Set

He’s back in production!

Since Sat.1“Hausmeister Krause”, actor Michael Dierks, played in the Sat.1 cult series “Sascha”, the neighbour of Tom Gerhardt alias “Hausmeister Krause”) no longer played series roles, instead he was in international film productions (“ The  Postcard Killings” ) to see.

Dierks and Deckert 1999 in the RTL show

Dierks and Deckert 1999 in the RTL show “TV Kaiser”Foto: Dierks/privat

Dierks to BILD: “I just shot. I’m really happy! And there was a great reunion with Claudelle Deckert. We worked together for the RTL show ‘TV Kaiser’ over 20 years ago. ”

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 The re Dierks played the sidekick “Marco Mommsen” from presenter Martin Suhr (62) alias “Kaiser”, Deckert a talk show guest. Only then did the Düsseldorf blonde become known through “Unter Uns” and her appearance in the jungle camp. Dierks: “We have lost sight of each other. It’s great that we’re colleagues again. ”

Also nice for Dierks: Thanks to the new job, he is back in his home town of Pulheim (North Rhine-Westphalia) more often. Because so far he has lived half there (in his father’s mega villa) and half in London.

It has not yet been determined when his entry will be shown on “Unter Uns” (probably this spring).

Michael Dierks (left) as the gay neighbor “Sascha” in “Janitor Krause” alongside Frank Reidock and Tom Gerhardt (from left).
Michael Dierks (left) as the neighbour “Sascha” in “Hausmeister Krause” next to Frank Reidock and Tom Gerhardt (from left).Photo: Maurizio Gambarini / ddp

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